Help Your Health Club Members Modify Their Behavior

The best holiday gift fitness club managers receive each year are the “New Years Resolution-makers” who want to lose weight, get healthy, and go to the gym. And like clockwork, on Jan. 2 folks do just that. Unfortunately, by March, the only relationship you will have with many of these people is their names in your club management software database. These new members are asking themselves “Will this year be different?” and “Will I follow through with my health plans?” Club managers must ask the question “How are we going to help New Years resolution-makers stick to their plan?”

Behavior Modification Means Change
The answer is behavior modification. By definition, behavior modification is the use of empirically demonstrated behavior 수원룸싸롱 change techniques to improve behavior, such as altering an individual’s behaviors and reactions to stimuli through positive and negative reinforcement of adaptive behavior and/or the reduction of maladaptive behavior through its extinction, punishment and/or therapy.

It’s easier to talk about behavior modification when looking at some concrete examples of organizations that help others modify behavior by giving them support.

Alcoholics Anonymous does it. They call it a sponsor. Weight Watchers does it. They call it a Group Leader. Colleges have it. They call it an academic adviser. They are each providing a PERSON who helps you overcome challenges and change behavior.

Personal Trainers Can Help Members Change their Behavior
In the health club industry we use personal trainers. In many ways, they represent one of our best opportunities to help people reach, maintain, and surpass their goals. They can be your behavior modification experts. Part of their job is to motivate members. Sell the idea to members that you do more than help them exercise, you help them understand themselves.

People new to club membership need more support than simply the mechanics of how to exercise properly. Club management can direct personal trainers to help new members understand what to do away from the gym, to really modify their behavior. Whether it’s how to say no to a drink, how to make smart eating choices, or how to choose activity over watching television.

Keep New Years Resolution-makers Active Members
So this year, as managers dive into their club management software and count up all their new members, remember this little piece of advice. Don’t just help members in the gym, help them outside of it. Help people reach their goals. Then chances are they will stay active members and not drop off the books in a few short months.